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Robust research is a fundamental part of successful investment. It’s essential that our advisers and analysts understand what’s happening in local and international economies, as well as what might happen in the future. They also need a constant stream of accurate insights that allow them to evaluate each investment sector, right down to individual shares. For reliable investment research, Spicers draws on the expertise of Mercer, a leading global provider of objective investment advice and services with more than 50 years’ experience.


Critical mass for quality results

Mercer is a leading global provider of investment research and consulting services. They advise clients with assets in excess of US$6.6 trillion and have more than 100 dedicated researchers engaged full-time in interviewing managers across the full range of asset classes, analysing portfolios and conducting research. Established in New Zealand since 1984, Mercer has the size, scale and experience we demand from a research partner.

Insight that guides our Approved Products List

A key strength for Mercer is an on-the-ground research network that covers all major regions, ensuring a well-rounded and intimate knowledge of fund managers and investment markets globally. We use these profoundly insightful reports and data to decide our Approved Products List, ensuring you have ready access to quality investment products. You and your Spicers adviser also have access to these research reports and data, which help with the construction of your tailored investment plan.

Every year Mercer
  • Scrutinises around 7,000 fund managers via 150 researchers globally
  • Reviews approximately 26,000 different strategies
  • Holds around 3,000 face to face meetings with fund managers
  • Managers rated "A" have generated above-benchmark returns in 93% (63 out of 68) of the asset categories researched

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