Investment Options

Working closely with you, your Spicers adviser can design and execute a portfolio of investments that is tailor-made to help you achieve your goals. Our experienced advisers have many investment options at their fingertips.

Designing your portfolio

Your personalised portfolio will reflect a variety of different investments. These may include managed funds, shares, bonds and cash products. Having a portfolio that is diversified across a range of different investment types helps to lower risk by reducing reliance on any one investment. It also helps to stabilise your portfolio returns, since a weak performing investment is likely to be offset by others performing more strongly.

To design your portfolio, your Spicers adviser:

  • Selects a combination of investments from the Approved Products List that is most likely to deliver on your financial goals.
  • Prepares a written recommendation and meets with you to discuss it. You’ll be able to discuss any concerns you might have, and your adviser may suggest other suitable solutions.
  • Regularly reviews your portfolio to ensure it stays true to its goals and is on track to help you achieve your idea of financial freedom.

Approved Product List

The Approved Product List features investment options that meet our rigorous criteria for performance and quality. They can be acquired through a managed fund or as direct assets.

Managed funds

Within the Approved Product List are many managed funds – some are diversified, others are single sector. Diversified funds blend a number of asset classes together in one fund, providing varied sources of performance. Single sector is self-explanatory; these funds focus on one asset class.

The funds that qualify for the Approved Product List blend active management with investment techniques that have consistently performed over long periods. Their aim is always to add substantial and consistent value to portfolios while helping to manage volatility.

Direct assets

Shares and bonds are direct assets. The Approved Product List includes share products that are focused on local or global shares; some funds include both. It also includes a number of bond products.

The rules of diversification still apply to the direct asset products on the Approved Product List. The idea is to minimise risk by spreading investment across a number of carefully-researched local or global companies or bonds. Putting your eggs in one basket always presents a risk, so diversification limits the chance of poor returns.

Multi asset solutions

Multi-asset solutions can be an important part of a portfolio because they provide significant diversification via multiple asset classes and sectors. Through Spicers you have access to NZ MAG, a division of AMP Capital dedicated to the management of diversified, multi-manager portfolios. NZ MAG uses high quality fund manager research to identify active fund managers with the greatest probability of adding value to portfolios.

This illustration shows how diversification works. Multiple investments across different classes, managers and securities decreases overall risk.


Master Trust

Our Master Trust product (AMP Investment Trust) is a selection of researched managed funds from a number of investment managers with varying investment options into different asset classes. Depending on the size of your investment, it could be an ideal ‘one stop shop’ solution. Your Spicers adviser will recommend a AMP Investment Trust portfolio if it’s suitable for you.Master Trust is a selection of researched managed funds from a number of investment managers with varying investment options into different asset classes. Depending on the size of your investment, it could be an ideal ‘one stop shop’ solution. Your Spicers adviser will recommend Master Trust if it’s suitable for you.


Our WealthView service is available with managed funds together with direct equities and bond securities, to create investment portfolios. It provides a 24/7 online view of your portfolio, enabling you to see how your investments are doing, access performance reports and stay up-to-date with the latest market information.


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