How We Invest

Investment is the path that takes you to financial freedom. Spicers’ job is to ensure the path is carefully chosen. We want you to reach your goal as quickly as possible, but without taking unnecessary risks along the way. Whether you’re a first-timer wondering how to design a portfolio or have been dabbling in the money market for some time, you’ll appreciate our straightforward, personalised and proven approach to successful investment.

Personalised attention all the way

Financial freedom means different things to different people. However you see the future, teaming up with a Spicers adviser will help keep your vision on track.

Working closely with you, your adviser will create a detailed view of what you need to meet your day-to-day commitments, and what’s required to achieve longer-term goals. Your adviser’s role is to provide expert guidance and accurate implementation of your investment decisions.

There are four broad steps involved with the investment advice process: understanding your needs; making well-diversified recommendations; implementation; and ongoing reporting and reviews.

Spicers’ investment philosophy

We believe in:

  • A long-term approach to portfolio management matched to your goals
  • Access to funds (when/if you need them)
  • Active investment management
  • Quality research
  • Fundamental value

We are committed to achieving strong performance through:

  • Qualified and experienced advisers who will take the time to understand your unique needs
  • A range of investment options that allow diversification for greater security
  • A level of advice that fits how ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ you want to be
  • Regular plan reassessment and realignment of your portfolio.

Our Investment Approach

Defining our Approved Product List:

To ensure only appropriate investments make it into your portfolio, we use a rigorous selection process to define our Approved Product List. This process involves input from the AMP New Zealand Investment Committee, who draw on the expertise of AMP Capital Investors and independent research company Mercer.

Mercer provide expert research on fund managers around the globe. AMP Capital Investors provide up-to-date information and insight into what’s happening in the world’s economies and the effects this may have on financial markets in the future.

The Approved Product List includes a broad range of Australian and New Zealand managed funds, and direct assets (equities and bonds). The funds differ according to the underlying assets (shares, property, cash) in which they invest, their geographic reach and their investment style.

Your adviser selects from these approved options to create an investment portfolio that’s precisely tailored to the achievement of your financial goals.

All the investment providers included on our Approved Product List undergo independent scrutiny to ensure they are among the best available.


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