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The calculators and tools you'll find here will help you to plan for financial freedom and understand the language of investment.

It's astonishing what you can learn using an investment return calculator - whether you're saving for short-term goals or retirement, the power of compounding returns never fails to surprise. Select the investment calculator that's relevant to your situation.


Saving for your future

Use this calculator to find out how much your savings could be worth.More >

Saving for your lump sum

Have a play with numbers using our calculator, you may be surprised!More >

How much your lump sum will be worth?

How much will your lump sum be worth in the future?More >

Lump sum in retirement

What do you need to achieve your desired annual income?More >

Annual income in retirement

What annual income will your retirement lump sum provide?More >


Jargon Buster

The language of investment and financial services explained.More >

Investment Toolkit

We explain the value of goal setting, financial planning and robust investment strategies.More >

Useful Links

Websites and electronic resources that we recommend for your ongoing investment education.More >


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The Advice Process

The advice process includes four stages – discovery, developing your plan, putting the plan into action and reporting/reviewing.... More >

How much do you need?

Use our calculators to identify your retirement and savings goals... More >

Looking for an adviser in your region?

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