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In this section you can investigate our philosophy, customer promises and investment protocols, as well as the full range of services we offer. Underpinning every aspect of our service offering is a commitment to personalised advice that spans your lifetime, adapting and evolving as required along the way.

How we invest

We want you to reach your goals as quickly as possible, but without taking unnecessary risks along the way. Whether you’re a first-timer wondering how to design a portfolio, or have been dabbling in the money market for some time, you’ll appreciate our straightforward, personalised and proven approach to successful investment.

Investment philosophy

Discover the foundational thinking that drives investment performance – our beliefs and client commitments.
More >

Investment approach

To ensure only appropriate investments make it into your portfolio, we use a rigorous selection process.More >

Our Services

The financial planning services we offer are designed to span your lifetime, help you to achieve your goals and protect your desired standard of living. As your situation changes, your Spicers adviser can make adjustments to ensure you always have the combination of solutions that’s most appropriate.

Cash management and short-term savings

Everyday money management solutions that also contribute to the achievement of your longer-term financial ambitions.More >

Long-term savings and wealth management

The creation of a personalised investment portfolio that adapts to changing market conditions and life stages/risk appetite.More >


How we can help you to achieve optimum performance from belonging to a KiwiSaver scheme and/or workplace superannuation scheme. More >

Moving to New Zealand

Assistance for people who are immigrating to NZ or returning to NZ after a number of years overseas. More >

Asset and life protection

Our ties to AMP ensure high-quality insurance products for everything you value, including your business. More >

Investment options

Working closely with you, your Spicers adviser can design and implement a portfolio of investments that is tailor-made to help you achieve your goals. Our experienced advisers have many investment options at their fingertips.

Approved Product List

The Approved Product List is a directory of investment options that meet our rigorous criteria for performance and quality.More >

Managed funds

Approved managed funds are among the investment options your Spicers adviser will consider for your portfolio. More >

Direct assets

Depending on your investment goals and timeframe, your Spicers adviser might recommend a direct investment in shares and/or bonds.More >

Multi asset solutions

Multi-asset solutions can be an important part of a portfolio because they provide all-important diversification. More >


While it’s important to monitor performance, as a long-term investor you need the patience to look beyond short-term market fluctuations. The ‘investment periodic table’ from Mercer provides a 10-year historical view of investment class returns, a great visual aid to help you keep performance in perspective.

Investment Periodic Table

For insight into historical investment behaviour, download Mercer’s periodic table of Annual Investment Returns.Download PDF >

Market updates

What is happening in the financial markets? Read the selected news items that are relevant to New Zealand investors.More >

Calculators & tools

The calculators and tools you’ll find here will help you to plan for financial freedom and our ‘jargon buster’ will ensure you understand the language of investment and financial services.
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Ready to take the next step or have more questions?

Call 0800 102 100 to arrange a no-obligation consultation with a Spicers adviser... More >

The Advice Process

The advice process includes four stages – discovery, developing your plan, putting the plan into action and reporting/reviewing.... More >

How much do you need?

Use our calculators to identify your retirement and savings goals... More >

Looking for an adviser in your region?

Select your region to find a list of Advisers in your area or give us a call on 0800 102 100 to be connected with your nearest... More >

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