Expertise is everything

At some point in the future, all of us want to work less and live more. We imagine living where and how we want, ticking things off our bucket list and pursuing special interests that make our life wonderful. It’s a state known as ‘financial freedom’, and its achievement depends on having the right financial and investment advice.

Spicers’ exists to provide that advice. By connecting you to one of our experienced advisers, we help you to achieve the financial independence you crave. Only the best advisers work for us, so you’ll be in the hands of a qualified expert who will design your path to freedom, then keep you there.

It all begins with a plan

Every adviser in our team balances extensive investment advice and financial planning experience with current best-practice.

Behind them is a team of specialised money market researchers who use robust data and financial modelling to aid portfolio decisions. But before any recommendations are made, your future financial ambitions and goals are captured and documented. Your plan is a personalised roadmap for your journey to financial freedom. It reflects your goals and aspirations and it should be reviewed on a regular basis. It might begin and end with investment strategy, or it could cover every aspect of your financial life.

Your financial plan can include any of the following components:

1. Investment strategy 

We take the time to fully understand your financial goals on a personal and practical level. Armed with detailed knowledge of your financial position, needs and objectives, your adviser can devise and implement an effective investment strategy.

2. Cash management 

To help you manage income and day-to-day spending more effectively, we can tailor a flexible cash management system that’s compatible with your long-term plans.

3. Retirement planning 

You’re working hard for a reason; to ensure financial freedom in your retirement. This is where your Spicers adviser can be invaluable. By understanding your current financial situation - assets and liabilities, income and financial requirements, resources and future projected income – your adviser will know what’s required to help you achieve your goals. Presenting you with options and developing timeframes is part of the process.

4. Personal and asset risk management 

Through our relationship with AMP, we can help you with life, general and other types of insurance ensuring you have suitable, affordable protection in place.

5. Estate planning, wills and family trusts 

You’ve worked hard for what you have, and with our help you can keep it safe over your lifetime. Your Spicers adviser can help when you:

  • Start a new relationship
  • Have children or grandchildren
  • Start/sell your own business
  • Want to leave an inheritance
  • Want someone to look after your interests if you can’t.


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The Advice Process

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