An interview with Trish and Patrick, two semi-retired Aucklanders

Author -  Trish and Patrick

How did you begin working with a Spicers adviser?


It was about 2001. We’d recently moved to the country from Blockhouse Bay and it cost a lot of money. Much of our savings had gone to get in here. I thought ‘Gee, we haven’t got much left. We need to look after it. We’re not getting any younger’.  I must have heard a Spicers ad on the radio. I thought ‘We’ve got to start somewhere’, so I rang them.


Barry rang us and we set up a meeting at our place. We talked about what we needed to achieve, and he talked about how he would make that happen.  We said we wanted a certain amount by a certain date and we’ve done better than that.

Are you pleased with how things have worked out?


We’re not financial people. We don’t understand the complexities of investment, so it was a case of hoping we’d got a good company that would look after us. We’ve been lucky. Spicers have really looked after us.

Every time we got a bit of extra cash we just put it into the portfolio. It’s really built up over the years. 

Did you consider alternatives?


Before we found Spicers we were sitting there thinking ‘how are we going to make this little bit of money grow again’. If you just go putting money in the bank on term deposit it grows a little bit, but not enough.  

What were your goals?


 We wanted enough to be comfortable in retirement and be able to pay our bills without worrying.  We also like to travel and we’ve had some great trips. On this last trip we went to London for three weeks.


We had an apartment in Earls Court and had a great time.  We’d been to London before, but only for a few days. We said we’d come back for longer because there’s so much to do and see.


We’d like to visit the South Island again. We’ve done that a couple of times with a camper van. That was great. We’d like to explore the far far South next time – the Catlins Coast.

How does the relationship with your Spicers adviser work?


Barry gets in touch about four times a year and if ever I run into strife with things I can call him. Like with the tax. I wasn’t quite sure this year because Patrick’s been doing a bit of work.  When I’m doing the tax return and I’m not sure about something, I just ring up Barry. He’s very good at explaining things and doesn’t make you feel stupid. He explains things in terms you can understand. We have confidence in his ability and understanding of financial matters.


You can get your money out quite easily. It only takes a couple of days. If we rang up this morning and said we want $100k as soon as possible, we’d have it in a few days. We withdrew quite a bit for our London trip, but it wasn’t a problem. It’s not tied up.

Do you keep an eye on your investments?

We can access the Wealthview site, which lets us see our portfolio online but we're people who like to see things on paper in front of us, so we also get hard copy reports.

What are your future goals?


Hopefully we’ll continue to be able to live off the interest from our investments. That’s the way we planned it.


I need a new car soon!  (laughs)


If something big cropped up in the way of health or something and we needed it, well you can take care of it.


You don’t have to go to the bank or anything. You just phone Barry up. He’s onto it.

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