An interview with Sheila, a business owner

Author -  Sheila and Mike

How did you begin working with your Spicers adviser?

My husband Mike and I run a small business, and Mike met Tobias through the BNI. The networking meetings gave Mike the opportunity to listen to Tobias once a week – you stand up and talk about your company. He liked what he heard and the rest followed on from there. That was back in March 2009.  

What are your investment goals?

Our main goal is to ensure that through correct investment we have a good lifestyle – now and when we retire. That lifestyle relies on returns from the investment. At the start we aimed for higher returns, which come with more risk, but now we’re being more conservative.

We are travellers. My mother still lives in the UK, and I like to visit her every 18 months.  We had to make enough for me to go back to Scotland regularly. That was one aim.

Another aim is being able to visit family on a regular basis. Mike has three daughters - my step-daughters - and two of them live overseas. For Mike’s 70th birthday recently, he was able to fund them over here for his birthday.

We’re careful with how we spend our money, but enjoy spending it on what we need. We just bought a new car and are going to the South island next month.

How do you work with your adviser?

Mike has always taken a keen interest in the investments - what they do and who we invest with. He and our adviser have a really good relationship. If we weren’t happy with anything, we would be able to say to him how we felt about it and he would act on it, no question.  We appreciate his transparency and honesty. We meet twice a year at Spicers offices in Havelock North and you never get the feeling there’s limited time. We discuss things and do some rearranging of the portfolio.

Because we have regular reviews, we can see how the funds are being managed. And we assess the results against our existing goals, as well as our future goals. If we need funds at any stage – for a one off or whatever – we just say ‘we need X much’ and within an hour we’ll get an email from them to make it happen. Then the funds are deposited in our account within a couple of days.

We use WealthView to see our portfolio online. Mike looks at it (probably too often!) but we’re aware that investments can go down as well as up.

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